Beads in a jar 65 el. bracelets BEADS ZA1554
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  • Beads in a jar 65 el. bracelets BEADS ZA1554
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Tootekood: HR5612F

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Fantastic set of fabulously colorful beads for the little fashionista. Almost every girl likes to dress up and look nice, and there is nothing better than jewelry made yourself. The set we find elements that allow to make rings, bracelets, necklaces and even bracelets ankle.
The girl, wearing ornaments made by themselves, can show their individuality, style, personality. May itself decide how and what will be known.

To create a unique decoration, you do not have to endlessly slipping beads on a thread. Just connect them together on a push, click.
As soon as a decoration to get tired, you can "disconnect" and again to create new designs.
Fun without end :)
Major elements are arranged well in hand and do not make the problem even the smallest hands.
Fun beaded practicing manual skills of hands, imagination and creativity of the child.

65-piece set packed in original colorful package in the shape of a jar, the perfect gift.

Kaal 14,1 kg
Maht 3221 l
Pakendi mõõdud 89,5 x 25 x 25 cm
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